Cleaning Carpet With Bleach

Carpet is an important investment that is very expensive. Cleaning carpet with bleach regularly will help to keep the carpet in good condition. Cleaning the carpet will save your money for a long time and prevents the nasty smell, allergens or bacteria. Regularly vacuuming the carpet will remove the dirt and dust particles. Regular carpet cleaning will give a high look and will be happy to show off the home.

Tips to clean carpets with bleach

Wear rubber gloves while working with bleach and a mask to protect your respiratory system from the caustic fumes. Open the windows if possible. Put bleach in a carpet cleaner and tap water in a spray bottle equal to the bleach. Cover the stains and leave it for 30 minutes. Use a brush to remove the stubborn dirt. Make sure that the carpet is made only from polypropylene because bleach will lift the color from the wool and any other cord in the carpet.

cleaning carpet with bleach

Impacts of cleaning carpet with bleach

Bleaching carpet white will make the carpet to lose its weight. Using bleach for cleaning the carpets has some limitations. Use bleach only when it is necessary. Don’t use bleach on the wool carpet because bleach makes the carpet lighter. Bleach should not be used on rich colored carpets as the color may fade away. Bleach is the best use for bleaching carpet white.

Steps for cleaning carpets

Prepare the carpet

Bleach does not easily remove the molds from the carpet. If the carpet is very moldy then use some moldy cleaning products to get rid of the spores sticking to the carpet fibers. If there is any cake substance sticking on the carpet use knife and remove the cake substances first.

Prepare the bleach solution

Cover your hands with the rubber glove and wear a mask to protect the respiratory system. Never let the bleach to contact with any other chemicals, specifically ammonia. Before proceeding with the solution on the carpet allow the room to be well ventilated. Otherwise, take the carpet to a place with fresh air for bleaching carpet. Allow the bleach to stay on the carpet for 30 minutes to one hour.

Wash the carpet

To remove the bleach solution from the carpet, apply carpet shampoo. Use the brush to remove the stubborn dirt still clinging to the fibers. Rinse the shampooed carpet again with the water before leaving it to dry. Use the carpet cleaner vacuum to suck the water as much as possible.


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