Playing vinyl records at home

Every lover of high-quality sound sooner or later asks the question of creating the right room for enjoying music.
The separate and properly equipped room is ideal, but in this article, we will talk about how to enjoy the sound at home.
Playing vinyl records at home
If you want to get the most out of your system, you need to install it correctly. Ultimately, creating a great home listening space comes down to four main factors:

  • Equipment installation
  • Speaker placement
  • Comfortable seat
  • Environmental factors

Equipment installation

Of course one of the most important aspects of a good stereo system is the right installed equipment.

The turntable is very dependent on the surrounding world. Through the needle, the pickup converts any mechanical vibrations into an electrical signal, and these vibrations can be caused not only by modulation of the soundtrack of the plate but also by any external influences. In other words, for the player to produce only a musical signal, it must be isolated from external mechanical influences.

After the player is installed correctly, the phono stage turn comes. In some players, it is already installed, but for most models, you need to connect an external phono stage. It provides extra gain and evens out the tonal balance.

Also, a receiver in which has a built-in phono preamp can be used. And in this case, users have a wide choice, since there are a lot of models and the best receiver for turntable is already determined by the user based on their preferences. The correct choice of a phono stage will allow your player to work at full strength.

Speaker placement

Speaker placement
The next important step is the location of the speakers in the room.

Proper placement of home theater speakers has a big impact on how your system sounds. Correct speaker placement can bring the average sound system closer to the level of an elite home theater.

Focus the sound field of the front left and right speakers at the listening position. The speaker angle should be slightly directed in your direction.

This will help you create a good soundstage. Directing the speakers towards yourself will help ensure that the sound spreads directly to your ears with less interference and should be cleaner.
Tweeters should be at ear level when you are in a sitting position. Finally, avoid placing speakers directly in front of a wall to avoid excessive bass boost. 6 inches is the optimum distance to maintain bass and clear bass.

Comfortable seat

Comfortable seat
The organization of a comfortable listening place will also be important. Often you will listen to full-length albums and it will take at least an hour.

Make sure that the sofa is comfortable so that you can sit normally or even lie down. Pay attention to the materials from which the furniture is made, its ergonomics.

Obviously, the perfect place will depend on your tastes and preferences. In the end, it’s just a place where you will be comfortable listening to music for an hour or more.

Environmental factors

You should also consider the room where you will listen to music. There are many factors that can affect the perception of sound: floor, windows, other pieces of furniture between the speakers and the space that you use.

The sound that you hear in any room is a combination of sound that is directly directed into your ears and reflected from different surfaces of the sound. And without reflected sound, you will lose a lot of bass and depth in the sound of music. But too much-reflected sound can lead to loss of clarity and accuracy.