Why Lawn Mower Runs For A Few Minutes Then Dies

Check the air filter on the engine first and make sure it is dry and clean. If the filter is fine, then the carburetor needs to be cleaned. Sometimes debris can get into the float bowl and plug the passage up. This is the reason for the lawn mower runs for a few minutes then dies.

The engine needs a combination of air, fuel, and a spark to operate the lawnmower smoothly. If anyone these is lacking the engine runs for a short time before dying. You can able to start the lawn mower again but it will not last for a long time. One advantage of lawn mower is before taking it to the technician the lawn mower can be checked once in the home itself.


How to clean the carburetor

To clean the carburetor, tip the mower on its side with the carburetor up. Then locate and remove the float bowl nut and the float bowl. And also remove the float blow gasket. Float blow gasket is a large rubber o-ring.

If you do not get carburetor cleaner on the o-ring, then the riding lawn mower runs for a while then dies. Make sure that you be able to reuse the carburetor.

Then find a bread tie that has the wire in the center. Take the coating of the bread tie, the wire works cleaning the small ports of the bowl nut. Now push the wire into all the holes that you can see on the bowl nut and then spray them out with carburetor cleaner. Clean the float bowl with carburetor cleaner. Now the lawn mower starts then stops.

Position the straw into the hole on the bowl nut threads into and spray to clean the main jet out. Have a paper towels down when doing this because fuel will leak. When the mower tipped fuel should flow through the needle and seat. And also have a good flow from the carburetor. Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area there should not be any chance of open flame or sparks.

Now reassemble the carburetor and clean the spilled fuel. Then properly discard the fuel-soaked rags before attempt to start the lawn mower. Check the oil level and prime the engine of the lawnmower. Now the lawn mower starts then dies. If one cannot feel confident in repairing this problem, then it should be repaired at the home by a Sears technician.


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